Lutheran Amateur Radio Support Network (LARSN) - National

Mission Statement:

LARSN provides training, resources and is ready to respond in a disaster or emergency with Christian compassion to provide amateur radio communication support for Lutheran Congregations, Regional Groups, or Agencies, and assist our communities as needed and requested by local authorities.


The LARSN was established to assist with communications when hurricanes, floods, fires, and other disasters disrupt telephone service and other methods of communications. Initially developed for Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) offices, colleges, and congregations, LCMS World Relief and Human Care, local affiliates of Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR), and local support systems such as Inter-Lutheran Emergency Response Team (I-LERT) in the southwest. Disasters and amateur radio extend beyond defined borders, therefore, LARSN does not limit support or coverage and all are invited to assist the community at large.

Would you like to join us?

If you are already a licensed ham, simply ask for more information at the info email address and giving us your contact information. If you are not licensed but would like to be, you may also ask for assistance with licensing procedures.
Morse Code is no longer a requirement and all you have to do is correctly answer 26 of the 35 questions on the Element Two (Technician) exam to get your initial "ticket". More information on Amateur Radio can be found at: "What is Ham Radio" or "For New Hams".

Radio Cross

All guests are invited to check-in to our nets:

The LARSN meets Tuesday evenings same local time. There is a West HF Net, East HF Net, and an EchoLink Net (see below).

Lutheran Amateur Radio Support Network (LARSN) Nets

(Daylight Savings)
(Standard Time)
Eastern Time
(same local) *
Pacific Time
(same local) *
East Coast HF Net (KE2EH)
9:00 PM
6:00 PM
EchoLink Net (KD7HLQ-L)**
9:30 PM
6:30 PM
West Coast HF Net (K4AFN)
10:30 PM
7:30 PM

ALSO: LCMS Disaster Net on DMR takes place Monday nights at 10:30 Eastern (7:30 Pactific) on talk group 310703

* We meet same local time all year except in AZ.
** We usually are connected on Echolink at net times to coordinate the HF frequency.

EchoLink: Connect to KD7HLQ-L server (KI6X is alternate if server is down)
East Coast HF usually on 7.255 (or 3.825) MHz LSB move up if needed
West Coast HF usually on 7.255 MHz LSB move up if needed (regular now 7.257 MHz)